Books and DVDs to Help Your Game


Poker’s been around a long time and it’s seen many changes over the years.  Those are two of the main reasons why there are so many teaching tools out there for those looking to improve their game.  It’s great that you have choices but the amount of choices out their can quickly become over whelming. 
That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best books and DVDs for learning poker to save you time that you could be using to play.  Players at all levels can find material to help them step up their game. 

Caro’s Book of Poker Tells: The Body Language and Psychology of Poker
By:  Mike Caro

                Caro has realized that being able to read your opponents is the key to dominating them.  His book gives players insight into what makes us tick and how to read tells.  He’ll show you the meanings behind even the slightest of movements and his tips can even be used by online players.

                Tournament Poker
By:  Tom McEnvoy

                This is just one of many books that Tom McEnvoy has authored either solely on his own or in part.  McEnvoy has also won many tournaments including the WSOP, so he is definitely knowledgeable in the ever increasingly popular tournament play.  He begins by starting out with the basics which is good for beginners, and he moves on to each specific game as well as how to adjust as you advance in the tournament.  Other books contributed to by McEnvoy are listed below.
No-Limit Texas Hold’em
Championship Satellite Strategy
Championship No-Limit and Pot-Limit Hold’em
Championship Tournament Practice Hands
Win Your Way to Big Money Hold’em Tournaments

Zen and the Art of Poker
By: Larry Phillips

This book takes learning to play poker in another direction.  The focus isn’t show much on hand strategy and reading other players as it is about learning to work with the game and not let your emotions come through.  This is very helpful for the players that often give themselves away at the table and go tilt.  And don’t worry poker strategy is still in the book.

Small Stakes Hold’em
By: David Sklansky





                Annie Duke’s Advanced Texas Hold’em Secret:  How to Beat the Big Boys

                As the name gives away this is a how to on Texas Hold’em from one of the top pros.  For the intermediate to advanced player this video will open up new strategies as well as ways to read other players.  Viewers will benefit from Duke being an extremely detailed poker player even if you have to watch it more than once to catch everything.


                Final Table Poker with Phil Gordon

                This video gives players a unique view into what a pro player is thinking during final table play at a tournament.  Even better is that there are two discs one for beginners and one for those more advanced.  You watch as Phil explains the moves he makes and why he makes them so that you can really get an understanding of situational play.  Gordon’s presentation is in depth and easy to understand at the same time.

Ed Miller’s Limit Hold’em Four DVD Set

                This DVD brings viewers only the freshest and best strategy based on new technique and the tried and true of the past.  The focus to this tutorial is reading hands, protecting your hand, adjusting your playing and advanced concepts for the pre-flop.  Miller is a cutting edge, innovative player that shares the wealth through DVDs with good presentation of information that’s given in a comprehensive way.